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Add RSS feeds in Office 365

Outlook and Outlook Web App can display RSS/Atom feeds.

Outlook RSS feeds

RSS Feeds in Outlook (2010)

Outlook OWA RSS feeds

RSS Feeds in Office 365 OWA

There’s apparently no way to add feeds from within OWA. So you’ll have to have Outlook set-up for your account for this to work. But once they’re added in Outlook they then appear in OWA.

I had another complication however: I have multiple Exchange accounts. It seems that one can only add Feeds to the primary exchange account but I wanted it in one of the other accounts.

Outlook Add New RSS Feed on menu

Add Feed on the primary Exchange account

Outlook no Add feed on secondary account menu

No Add Feed on the secondary account

So I added it to the primary and then tried to drag it into the RSS folder in the other account. However no go! (Two error messages.) Then I waited and tried again just in case it was still synchronising. But again it failed.

The solution? Copy the feed of course. Moving it didn’t work but creating a copy in the second account did work. Yay!

Ohh and for double fun, to get a Facebook Page’s timeline as a feed use a URL like the following:  See e.g.

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