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“Post Snippets” WordPress plugin backup

I use the Post Snippets plugin on some of my WordPress website. I made a change on one of them and made a mistake and wanted to get back the original content. The plugin has a Export feature but I hadn’t used it to make a backup recently. But I had done SQL and files backups of the server. So where in those files would I find the Post Snippets content?

I expected to find a new table in the SQL backup but there wasn’t one. I didn’t expect to find a file in the plugin’s folder and sure enough it wasn’t there. After a closer look I found the content within WordPress’s wp_options table I found a row. It starts:


I was able to copy out the text I wanted from there, unescape it, i.e. change \” to “, and paste it back in and restore my lost text.

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Posted by on December 21, 2013 in wordpress