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Yahoo email import CSV

When importing contacts from a csv file into Yahoo there is no help given on the screen.

yahoo csv dialogI spent much time trying to get the import to work. Was it a filename extension issue (I started with .txt), what it a charset issue (I started with UTF-8+BOM), or what??? By trial and error I discovered that there is a single particular data column format that Yahoo expects. If you don’t use that format this will fail with the following.

yahoo csv dialog NOT-csv

So a rubbish error message and no link to a help page that describes what format is required!

As there’s no help link, I tried googling and could find no information. I only found the required format by guessing that it would be same as the export format, doing a dummy export and copying the header line. After massaging my file into those columns the import worked.

The headers from the export file are:

First Middle Last Nickname Email Category Distribution Lists Messenger ID Home Work Pager Fax Mobile Other Yahoo! Phone Primary Alternate Email 1 Alternate Email 2 Personal Website Business Website Title Company Work Address Work City Work County Work ZIP Work Country Home Address Home City Home State Home ZIP Home Country Birthday Anniversary Custom 1 Custom 2 Custom 3 Custom 4 Comments Messenger ID1 Messenger ID2 Messenger ID3 Messenger ID4 Messenger ID5 Messenger ID6 Messenger ID7 Messenger ID8 Messenger ID9 Skype ID IRC ID ICQ ID Google ID MSN ID AIM ID QQ ID


"First","Middle","Last","Nickname","Email","Category","Distribution Lists","Messenger ID","Home","Work","Pager","Fax","Mobile","Other","Yahoo! Phone","Primary","Alternate Email 1","Alternate Email 2","Personal Website","Business Website","Title","Company","Work Address","Work City","Work County","Work ZIP","Work Country","Home Address","Home City","Home State","Home ZIP","Home Country","Birthday","Anniversary","Custom 1","Custom 2","Custom 3","Custom 4","Comments","Messenger ID1","Messenger ID2","Messenger ID3","Messenger ID4","Messenger ID5","Messenger ID6","Messenger ID7","Messenger ID8","Messenger ID9","Skype ID","IRC ID","ICQ ID","Google ID","MSN ID","AIM ID","QQ ID"

That’s appears to be what’s documented at which I managed to track down after all that manual effort.

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