• Draytek ACS false alarms and many duplicate emails

    Just a quick post for now. I’ve reported this multiple times to Draytek UK. Friday 3rd Feb And again 25 emails at 21:08! Sent to Draytek UK 17:20: Yet again finished work on a Friday evening and many emails come through from ACS. 25 copies this time. Yet again a fake alarm.  Router offline for ages. See […]

  • DrayTek and Thermometers

    DrayTek routers and access points can have a USB Thermometer plugged in and will record the temperature, show a graph in the Web UI, produce alerts if the temperature is too high or low, and provide access to the stats via SNMP. Getting hold of a suitable sensor is difficult. DrayTek (UK at least) no […]

  • Defense Techniques: Reporting Phish

    Originally posted on text/plain:
    While I have a day job, I’ve been moonlighting as a crimefighting superhero for almost twenty years. No, I’m not a billionaire who dons a rubber bat suit to beat up bad guys– I’m instead flagging phishing websites that try to steal money and personal information from the less tech-savvy…

  • DrayTek firmware upgrade utility & device TFTP mode

    DrayTek provides a Firmware Upgrade Utility. Their devices support booting into a basic “TFTP mode”. That’s particularly useful if the device’s firmware has become corrupt. I was curious to see how those worked. See also my article on Draytek’s Device Finder utility. The same network protocol is used by this tool. TODO: Device listens on […]

  • DrayTek Device Finder /Discovery

    DrayTek Device Finder /Discovery

    DrayTek provides a Windows program called Device Finder. I started looking at it when I was looking how the Firmware Upgrade mode of the DrayTek devices worked (blog post to follow). The firmware upgrade process sends some UDP packets either side of the file upload presumably to confirm the device presence and finished reboot after […]

  • Reports in 3CX — Details of Columns etc

    Introduction Visit admin-centre > Reporting > Reports. Report Formats Reports can be generated in HTML or CSV. Graphs can be generated in HTML. An email address where to send the report is mandatory. The email sent contains a link to the report. The reports page also has a list of recent reports. They can be […]

  • Windows 10 PPP VPN debugging / logging

    I wanted to know what the behaviour was when trying to use IPv6 over a client VPN to DrayTek router, for my IPv6 & DrayTek routers document . In particular for PPP-based VPNs. Google-ing for this got me nowhere. Mostly everything I found online anywhere related to older version of Windows (whether setting a checkbox […]

  • On “undisclosed recipients:;”

    Some of my contacts use that magic thing in their email program where the To: field appears with only “undisclosed recipients:;”. Is that legal, how does it work? Here’s two references to RFC 2822 “Internet Message Format” that explain. RFC 2882 section A.1.3. Group addresses —- From: Pete <pete@silly.example> To: A Group:Chris Jones <c@a.test>,joe@where.test,John <jdoe@one.test>; […]

  • Reports in DrayTek ACS, ACS3 — Details of Columns, flaws, etc

    Introduction As often is the case for enterprise software with reporting functions, the official documentation for reports just says “here be reports” and not what each report type includes, how it is summarised etc. The user then just has to fumble through the reports trying to find that one that does what they want. I’ve […]

  • SyncroMSP simple UI improvement tweaks

    There are lot of simple things in the Syncro web UI that are between slightly and very annoying. Fixing these would be simple and make using the platform much more pleasant to use. These aren’t modifying the functional code of the system so are low risk changes. Please Syncro, hire an intern for a summer […]